The 2013 Ensemble is our 7th collaboration, from assemblage to dosage, with Chicago’s premier champagne bar – Pops for Champagne. This elegant wine is subtle & airy, with a creamy finish, the delicious result of 5 years aging sur latte.

Type: Extra Brut
Style: Sparkling Wine
Color: Pale Gold
Grapes Used: Illinois Frontenac Gris
Volume: 750 mL
Residual Sugar: 2.5 g/L

How Sweet is It?

Try if you like:

Garlic shrimp
Listening to yacht rock music

Serving Temp:
Chilled (45F)

Age in cellar (60-65F) for 3+ years



This exclusive wine is only available online or at Chicago's Pops for Champagne and our Utica ISC Tasting Room.

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