Behold! Our first Guardian magnum. This special small-batch sparkling wine aged 8 months in oak barrels, and 8 years sur lies in the bottle, giving it an amazing complexity and flavor. A crisp and refreshing sparkler for toasts and the table.

Type: Sparkling Rosé
Style: Brut
Color: Light salmon
Grapes Used: Illinois-grown Chardonel, Chambourcin, Frontenac
Volume: 1.5 L
Residual Sugar: 11 g/L

How Sweet is It?

Try if you like:

Big celebrations
Red wines
Artisan breads & cheeses

Serving Temp:
Chilled (45°F)

Age in cellar (60 – 65˚F) for up to 3 years



Our Guardian collection of sparklers are limited edition releases, meant to be celebrated & savored. They are the result of much passion & hard work. Each wine is hand-riddled prior to disgorging. Only 250 bottles available of this limited release.

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