Created for the July 2021 christening of the USS HYMAN G. RICKOVER (SSN 795) submarine, Blend 795 features a crisp, classic profile and celebrates where Admiral Rickover grew up, Illinois. Enjoy notes of lemon, marmite, brioche & hazelnut.

For each bottle sold, $5 is donated to the USS Hyman G. Rickover commissioning committee, who plans the commissioning ceremony for the sub and supports the submarine crew members and their families in times of need. To learn more or make a donation, visit

Type: Sparkling Wine
Style: Brut
Color: Pale Gold
Grapes Used: IIllinois-grown Chardonel, Frontenac Gris, La Crosse
Volume: 750 mL
Residual Sugar: 14 g/L

How Sweet Is It?

Try if you like:

East Coast Oysters
Sub Sandwiches

Serving Temp:
Chilled (45F)

Age in cellar (60-65F) for 5+ years



A bottle of Blend 795 was used to christen the USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 795) on July 31, 2021. One bottle will also travel with the submarine the entire time it is in service.

Silver Medal - 2023 Illinois State Fair Wine Competition

Silver Medal - Jefferson Cup Invitational

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