Ensemble is a true collaborative effort with Chicago’s POPS for Champagne. Enjoy citrus, butterscotch, lime, dried apricot, floral, and marmite notes with a unique showing of minerality in this invigorating sparkler.

Type: Extra Brut
Style: Sparkling Wine
Color: Golden Straw
Grapes Used: Illinois Frontenac Gris
Volume: 750 mL
Residual Sugar: 6 g/L

How Sweet is It?

Try if you like:

Garlic shrimp
Listening to yacht rock music

Serving Temp:
Chilled (45F)

Age in cellar (60-65F) for 3+ years



This exclusive wine is only available at Chicago's Pops for Champagne and at our two locations, the Utica ISC Tasting Room and Peru Wine on the Hill.

Only 800 bottles produced of the 2015 vintage.

Highly Recommended - 2023 Beverage Testing Institute

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